Agapi Stassinopoulos
“Agapi Stassinopoulos is an authentic, genuine and inspirational speaker who
knows how to connect with and move her audience. She brings out the beauty,
power and independence of the Greek Gods and Goddesses and the archetypes in
all of us.”
- Deepak Chopra, author of Path to Love, The Chopra Center for Well Being

Answer the call of adventure to discover yourself

Step across the threshold of everyday life and immerse yourself in your beauty, your creativity, and your power. Discover how ancient wisdoms can bring solutions to your modern day life.

Agapi will inspire you to become the heroine of your own life!

  • Tap into your greatness and infinite resources.
  • Unlock the secrets within yourself to find your authentic voice.
  • Reconnect with your Source.
  • Give yourself permission to embrace your fears and vulnerabilities and transform them into strengths.
  • Start living a fulfilling life filled with new possibilities and new inspirations.

Upcoming Workshop: Awakening the Goddess

As you embrace the seven aspects of the goddesses within you - strength, nurturing, partnership, love, sacredness, transformation and freedom - you still find the perfect combination to unlock the vault holding the treasure that is you.
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“Agapi’s sessions were packed, everyone left uplifted and enthused with practical tools for their lives. She is a dynamic communicator with the ablility to touch many. Women who seek balance in their lives need to hear and experience her.”
- Janet Wingfield, Director of Programming, Working Woman Network

“Last night I was watching PBS and suffering in a tremendous amount of pain from endometriosis, when your show came on. I loved everything that you said and I felt myself laughting, crying, and relating the goddesses to women in my life. Thank you a thousand times, your words gave me more relief in one hour then doctors have in 2 painful years!”
- Misti Dawn Denison, Wichita, Kansas

“Simply Super! Agapi’s presentation was filled with lightheartedness and passion helping everyone to access the tremendous power within to learn about thier health and themselves.”
- Joyce Bray, Marketing Director, New Britain General Hospital

“Agapi's presentation at the Women's Leadership Exchange Business Conference was a delightful breeze of energy and excitement. She has a unique style of helping women connect with all their aspects. She is entertaining and insightful and gives women permission to express their voice and discover their full potential so they can create the life they want. There is no one like Agapi!! She is a treasure!”
- Leslie Grossman, cofounder, Women’s Leadership Exchange